Volunteers Week 2024

Published: April 29, 2024


The Volunteers’ Week campaign returns to the UK for its 40th year with the new brand, logo, and resources nationwide!

To mark the 40th Anniversary in a grand way, the UK campaign group – comprising Volunteer Scotland, Volunteer Now, NCVO, and WCVA – collectively decided to rebrand the campaign and alter the date. The 7-day campaign will now kick off on the first Monday in June each year, making this year’s date the 3rd to 9th of June.

The mission for the week remains unchanged: to highlight the diverse volunteer community, showcase volunteering opportunities, and inspire positive change. We all know that volunteers play a vital role in every UK community, serving as the driving force behind various activities. Therefore, it is essential that we dedicate Volunteers’ Week to honouring and recognising their hard work and the significant contributions they make to our communities each year.

Volunteer Scotland have provided several suggestions on how you can get involved in this years’ campaign. There are also new resources with the new brand available to use before and during Volunteers’ Week!

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