5 Volunteering


Many Voluntary Organisations could not exist without volunteers to help achieve their aims, from the Board level to community members wanting to contribute their time, skills or resources, volunteers are at the heart of voluntary organisations.

Volunteers give their time freely for a variety of reasons and if they have chosen to volunteer for your organisation you will need to ensure that you are in a position to welcome them, support them, recognise their contribution and provide a positive ending to their volunteering.

Whether your organisation relies heavily on the contribution of volunteers or you have paid staff with volunteers providing complementary roles there are key areas that you need to think about. This section of our resource kit will give you practical help, advice and information about engaging volunteers.
The volunteering topic is a vast one therefore the information in this Resource Kit is not a definitive guide and is intended to motivate organisations to start thinking about the topic areas. Please contact VSGWL if your organisation would benefit from additional information and tailored support in any of the subject areas.

5.1 A Good Volunteer Policy
5.2 Essential Policies
5.3 Best Practice Guidance
5.4 Before you recruit volunteers
5.5 Recruiting Volunteers
5.6 Supporting Volunteers
5.7 Recognising and Valuing Volunteers
5.8 Volunteer Friendly Quality Standard Award
5.9 Managing Saltire Awards for Young Volunteers

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